Teacher Feature: Mr. Ott

Mr. Ott in his classroom, delighted after another successful day of teaching.

Meet Mr. Ott, beloved 9th and 10th grade global history teacher. From music to movies to sports, there is more to Mr. Ott than his days spent at Hendrick Hudson High School. 

Prior to teaching at Hen Hud, Mr. Ott held several varied jobs. He was previously employed as a camp counselor, a carpenter, and worked at an appliance store before he became a substitute here.

While attending St. Thomas Aquinas College, Mr. Ott double majored in education and history. His favorite classes, constitutional law and religion, were history based. Mr. Ott did not live on campus nor participate in a fraternity. He chose to commute instead.

After receiving a long-awaited teaching certification during Covid, Ott discovered a substitute teaching opportunity here at Hendrick Hudson. Soon after, he was offered an official teaching position. 

Ott’s grandfather William “Billy” Ott


Mr. Ott has prevailed against many different challenges in his life. After being told by doctors that he was unable to play baseball, and sports in general, Ott was distraught.

Sports had been such a prominent part of his life up to that conversation and he was determined to continue, despite what he was informed. Fortunately, he proved his doctor wrong and worked past the obstacle he faced.

As a loyal sports fan, Mr. Ott’s favorite team is the Chicago Cubs, for which his grandfather played. Recently, Mr. Ott has also been getting into hockey.

Jaws movie poster. (Courtesy of IMDb)

Besides his love for sports, Mr. Ott has several different interests. He enjoys reading fantasy books or listening to music such as Pink Floyd. Ott also enjoys playing video games like Ghost of Tsushima, a co-op game based on Japanese folklore and mythology, or Apex Legends, a shooter game. Additionally, he has several different movies and shows he loves: Jaws (but not Sharknado!), Rocky, and The Office. Although his favorite movie is Jaws, Mr. Ott says he dislikes horror.

A passionate traveler, Mr. Ott has explored Europe, including Norway, England, Venice, and Austria. His top three favorite countries are Japan, Budapest, and Germany.

Mr. Ott has many strengths and weaknesses. He states that his greatest strength is his loyalty and that his greatest weakness is holding grudges. Although he has only been recently employed here at Hendrick Hudson, Mr. Ott has already become an influential and widely loved teacher.


Welcome to Hendrick Hudson Mr. Ott!