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Halloween Crossword Answers


  1. Ghost- Apparition or specter
  2. Scared- A creepy feeling
  3. Abode- A ghost’s home
  4. Tread- Something never to do in a cemetery
  5. End- No hope, dead___ 


  1. Capes- Dracula’s favorite accessories
  2. Cast- The primary job of a witch
  3. Crab- ____apple
  4. Rest- Your final action
  5. Rodent- Inhabitant of a good haunted house
  6. Red- Typical color for blood
  7. Ad- After life (abbreviated)
  8. Dead- Post-life
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Riddle Answers by Christopher Mellin

Riddle #1: a shoe

Riddle #2: a clock

Riddle #3: teeth