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Holiday Print Edition Game Answers

***Spoiler Alert***


This holiday season has been busy! In the rush of buying gifts and celebrating, all of our holiday words got mixed up. Is there still time before break to descramble them all? (Italicized clues indicate a scrambled word) Photo Credit: Elaine Clarke



1. AB- Only one of your abdominal muscles

3.CAOCOOTH (HOT COCOA)- A hot chocolatey treat to warm up a cold winter day

10. SEASONAL- Only during fall, winter, spring, or summer

18. FLU- It’s important to get a vaccine for this every winter

20. FLORA- Goes with fauna

21. EDM- Electronic music to dance to

24. TREMBLE- Quiver and shake

25. RAMP- Makes things more accessible

27. LEAR- King in a play by the same name

28. REEF- Nemo’s home

30. ERDIDL (DREIDL) – Spinning this four-sided top will often reward you with chocolate

32. STAN-Super fan

33. TRSOF (FROST)- Winter dew

37. ERE- A time before

39. ONEL (NOEL)- French for Christmas

40. HEED- To take advice

41. POETESS- A lady poet

44. CAMERAS- something that shoots but also flashes

47. EEK- Expression of alarm

48. DATA- Info for nerds

49. CACTI- Many pointy plants

50. LEERS- Staring maliciously

53. RERYM (MERRY)- Seasonal sentiments; To be cheerful, lively, or generally joyful

54. EAT- *Om nom nom*

55. AROMATIC- Fragrant

57. EL- The (Span.)

58. PERSISTS- Never quits

62. SOLE- Flat part of foot or a fish

63. CLDO (COLD)- Typical temperature of the winter

66. IS- To be or not not to be (Eng.)

67. ELK- Almost reindeer

69. TAKE- Snatch or grab

72. BULLETIN- Important notices are posted here

74. SEAMS- Holding it all together, like a shirt

75. AE- American Eagle (Abr.)

76. TNX- K-pop group with 6 members (Abr.)

77. JE- I (Fr.)

78. SHADY- Suspicious 

80. EFL (ELF)- Santa’s little helpers

81. AW- So cute!

82. CASHEW- Fruit from tropical trees in South America produces this nut

85. ORG- Organization online

86. BARKS- A dog does this

88. IRIS- A pretty flower for your eyes to see

90. EWE- Lady sheep

91. HEEP- Big pile

93. TERRA- Earth (Latin)

94.  NAP- Just a little bit of sleep

95. CIA- American intelligence agency

97. OW- That hurts!

98. HERO- Bonnie Tyler is holding out for one

99. SPAM- An email folder full of junk

101. FRENCH- Franḉais (Eng.)

103. AP- Advanced Placement (Abr.)

104. ATARI- Video game company

105. AASTNS (SANTAS)- The mall is full of them on Christmas

106. OK- Alright

107. ARTSY- Something to call a creative person



1. AFRO- Iconic hair style of the 70s

2. BLA- Yap or chatter

4. AF- As fudge (Abr.)

5. OLLIES- Beginner skate trick (Plural)

6. COED- Boys and girls

7. ORAL- Dentist adjacent issues

8.OAR- Row row row your boat!

9. HER- Not him

11. ET- Popular alien from the 80s

12. AR- Common ending on Spanish verbs

13. SE- I know (Span.)

14. OMBRE- Color gradient

15. NB- New Balance (Abr.)

16. AL- Alabama (Abr.)

17. LEAF- Falls to the ground right before snow does

19. UME- Japanese fruit, similar to plum or apricot

22. DESNE (NEEDS)- What goes on a wish list

23. METER- With 33 Down; Tracts the temperature

26. PRETTY- Beautiful and nice

29. FALALA- Popular Christmas chorus

31. DREAM- Thinking in the night

33. THERMO- With 23 Down; Tracts the temperature

34. SEE- Look and watch

35. ODE- Lyrical poem

36. YODEL- Yo-duh-lay-hee-hoo!

38. ACCESS- To get

39. OMITS- To leave out

42. EAR- To hear with

43. SCYE- Armhole for clothes

45. ATAI- 17th century poet from the Ottoman Empire

46. SER- To be or not not to be (Span.)

51. EOS- Egg shaped lip balm

52. SALTY- To be bitter about it

53. REOBTAINS- To get it back

56. TEA- Hot goss

58. POTES- Capital of the Comarca of Liebana in Spain

59. RINTEW (WINTER)- Season of the holidays

60. TESAREW (SWEATER)- Type weather band The Neighborhood sings about 

61. SLEDGE- “______hammer” by Peter Gabriel

63. CLX- 160, if your Roman

64. LL- A Spanish double letter

65. DEJA- Been there, done that; ___ vu (Latin)

68. KAY- Alternative, shortened form of “okay”

70. KAFKA- The German writer Franz

71. EELS- Usually not electric

73. UNWRAP- Undoing a gift

79. HOHOHO- Santa’s cackle

80. ERROR- Something went wrong

82. CS- Computer Science (Abr.)

83. HEART- Blood pumper

84. WEANS- Slowly remove

86. BEETS- Purple root vegetable

87. ARRAY- A spread

89. IPA- Hoppy beer

92. PAPA- Dad (Affectionately)

93. THAT- This and ___

96. IFS- Lots of questions

100. MA- Mom (Affectionately)

102. EA- Electronic Arts (Abr.)


Photo Credit: Kacie Burns
Photo Credit: Eoin Clarke
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Elaine Clarke is a Senior at Hendrick Hudson High School. This is her fourth year writing for the newspaper and first year as editor. Alongside this, Elaine participates in the school musicals and plays, film club, as well as the senior club. In her free time, she likes to hang with her friends, listen to music, or just chill with her cat.
Kacie Burns, Arts & Entertainment Editor
Kacie is a Senior at Hen Hud and this is her fourth year on The Anchor. For the paper, she does the layout, artwork, and writes. This year, she is the Arts & Entertainment Editor and Head of Layout. Outside of school, she loves to listen to music (Fiona Apple, The Cure, and The Smiths), take film photos, and read classic literature. She doesn’t play any sports, but does play the violin in the school’s orchestra and loves to draw and paint. 
Eoin Clarke, Writer
Eoin Clarke is a Senior at Hendrick Hudson High School. Eoin rows for Cortland Community Rowing Association he is also a member of the school cross country team. He is a gamer and spends the little free time between college applications and school work gaming. Eoin is a political commentator for The Anchor who writes reactions to current political events.  
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