Anthropology Class Field Trip Returns

A group picture of Anthropology students at the zoo. Courtesy of Mr. Wolownik

A group picture of Anthropology students at the zoo. Courtesy of Mr. Wolownik

Last week, Mrs. Andersen’s Anthropology students went on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo to observe the animals they read and study about in class. Before COVID, the Anthropology zoo trip was a tradition for students. 

According to Mrs. Andersen, “the ability to offer students a field experience to observe primates up close and in person is a unique and powerful tool. With the exception of the two years with COVID19 restrictions, our students have been able to visit the Congo Exhibit at the Bronx Zoo for over 20 years.”

Students primarily observed monkeys and gorillas, two primate genera. First, the classes visited the Wolf’s Monkey habitat and took notes of their observations about the animals.

 Wolf’s Monkeys are a species of monkey known for their long slender arms and multicolored fur. The exhibit was filled with foliage and trees for the monkeys to live in. 

However, the gorilla exhibit was clearly the favorite. This exhibit included four Lowland Mountain Gorillas. The students observed the exhibit to illustrate the knowledge they learned in class to a case they could examine first-hand. 

Students carefully observing Wolf’s Monkeys in their habitat. Courtesy of John May

Mrs. Andersen expanded on the value of the field trip by saying, “It is a wonderful experience to be able to watch both the Wolf’s Monkeys and Lowland Mountain Gorillas in habitats that mimic nature and observe their behaviors and interactions. It is an authentic learning experience and it is my privilege to offer opportunities for students outside the four walls of the classroom.” 

Overall, the Bronx Zoo trip was an incredible day that was both educational and fun for all involved. Hopefully, it will continue as a yearly outing for Anthropology students at Hen Hud.