Hen Hud’s Mock Trial Team Ready to Start their Season Strong

Credit: Hayden Bouza

WESTCHESTER, New York – One of the high school’s newest extracurriculars, Mock Trial Club, hopes to inspire students in the world of law and civics in a laid back, exciting environment, and involves dedicated, hardworking students putting their heads together on simulated trials and cases. 

The club was started last year by Chantal Fernandez Tineo, now a senior, who was interested in bringing Mock Trial to the school. “I hope the club will help students build their inner confidence and show them that academic clubs can be fun and aren’t nerdy or boring but something you can take pride in” Chantal remarks, “last year we built a strong sense of community not only within ourselves as students but our advisors as well.” 

While the club does focus on shadowing the roles of an attorney, jury, and additional components of a real-life trial, the collaborative aspects are not pushed aside. Just as a real law team would, the Mock Trial Club works long, hard hours together, and the time spent working is also time spent bonding and creating new friendships.

“A lot of late night pizza,” said Mrs. Cabral Marrero, the club’s advisor, when asked about these long hours spent in the weeks before the competitions. Mrs. Cabral Marrero was ecstatic when approached by Chantal last year about starting the club. An attorney herself, she doubles the role of both the advisor and the expert in the field. 

The club hosts several different types of students: those interested in law take on the more technical roles, those hoping to just sit and watch occupy jobs like timekeeper, and then there are the actors. The trial is completely covered, therefore all the roles, like the jury and witnesses, are played by students. With this year’s fall play canceled, Mock Trial offers an opportunity to have the actor’s showcase their talents in a different medium.

Mock Trial meets on Mondays, and is always looking for new members. Since they have just received the topic of the trial,  a Ponzi-scheme case on security fraud, new members haven’t missed much and are encouraged to join for the approaching competition time. 

A club focused on “helping students build their inner confidence, cooperation and responsibility” is a recipe for success, and Mock Trial has certainly mastered these qualities. Join Mock Trial and stay updated on what fellow peers are achieving in this inspiring club. 

For more information on the club and the details, reach out to Linda Cabral Marrero and/or Chantal Fernandez Tineo.