BAM! A Music Sensation, Ear Invasion, Rockin’ Revelation That’s Sweepin’ the Nation

Students, from left to right, Elaine Clarke, Valentina Delgado, Mia O’Malley, and Eloise Dyer, practicing together. Credit: Mr. Fredman

WESTCHESTER, New York – BAM, aka Band of Ambitious Musicians, is a rocking music club here at Hendrick Hudson. At BAM, students are able to write music, play one of the many instruments offered (such as guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums), and just jam! The club is run by Bradley Fredman, one of the gym teachers at our school. 

Fredman was inspired by a music program in a previous school he had worked in, Hawthorne Country Day School, to start his own music-focused club here at Hendrick Hudson. He wanted a space at our school where students could pursue their own musical interests outside the traditional music classes offered here. The goal of BAM, Fredman says, is to foster a musician’s unique connection between their instrument and give students an outlet to express their musical passions. 

When Fredman first started the club in 2012, he simply put up flyers around the school and many students flocked to the first meeting. 

“The first year I had so many musicians,” Fredman stated in an interview, “like- 25 … We had every genre.”

The club at the time had two full metal bands as well as numerous other genres like folk, jazz, or acapella. That year, the club was able to create their own album that every student collaborated on with around 20 songs.

Students working together as a band. Credit: Mr. Fredman

Today, students in BAM still love the club and the musical opportunities it provides them. Mia O’Malley, a junior at HenHud, finds BAM to be a comfortable environment that gives her a great outlet to express herself through music. Eloise Dyer, a junior, believes that the best part of BAM is the people, stating, “My favorite part of BAM is the fantastic people I get to see and how I get to learn so much from their incredible minds.”

BAM club is all about flexibility and so when it comes to a meeting schedule, there isn’t one. If you are interested in participating in BAM, all you have to do is email Mr. Bradley Fredman ([email protected]) to see what day works best. If you are interested in jamming, grooving, and having a good time, BAM is the place for you. 


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