Fit of the Week: 10/10-10/16

Over the past week, our photographers have been on the lookout for outstanding outfits at Hendrick Hudson. This week’s poll resulted in a tie between Brystal Titus and Monica Marano, with runners-up Tamya Hagans, Amelia Mino, and Isabella Velos. 

Brystal showing off a pop of red for fall.

Brystal’s outfit is representative of fashion classics meant to portray and romanticize autumnal couture. She is pictured in a cropped black scoop neck top, paired with bright red, mid rise, corduroy pants and glossy, black platform Dr. Martens. Brystal proves that simple staple articles can make an amazing outfit when put together. The pop of color emphasized in this outfit are eye-catching corduroy jeans. What brings a kick to this outfit is the model herself, her confidence in her style highlights the true intention of fashion and styling: self-expression. Brystal has a consistent stream of outstanding outfits, this one in particular reflecting the spirit of the season. 

Monica in a casual, office-inspired look.

Monica made a statement with her bright red tie, purposely making a high end article look careless. Imbuing elements of streetwear with her tan cargo style pants, edgily reflective of your basic work khakis. A height boost is provided by a chunky sneaker, a pair of clean FILA Disruptor IIs. Adding to the fit, Monica wore a dark belt etched with little doodles. The look was toned down by a basic black zip-up hoodie and a white lace-hemmed tank. Even Monica’s hair is reflected in her style, a pink fade matching a hot pink manicure. The neutral tones of her apparel are contrasted with a pop of the warm pink and red tones that romanticizes a seemingly office-inspired outfit.  

This week’s vote highlighted our senior class. Amelia Mino is pictured in a black and white look including an oversized striped sweater, cream colored leg warmers over simple nylons, topped off with glossy oxfords. Further, Tamya Hagans repped the Y2K era in her low rise dark wash flare jeans, lacy white tank, and pastel cardigan, accessorized with a silver chained belt and layered necklaces. Isabella Velos sported a preppy school girl look with a plaid navy pleated skirt, dressy white button down, and black corset top, dressed down with a tan pair of platform Chuck Taylor-esque sneakers. 

Hen Hud had some amazing wardrobes this week and Brystal and Monica’s outfits stood out in our Fit of the Week competition. Keep serving great fits!

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