The Ultimate Showdown: Super Bowl LV


Photo Credit: Google Photos

By James DeFilippis, Writer

We are finally here, closing upon the biggest game of the NFL season, the Super Bowl.  Two teams will now battle it out to become the NFL champions.  This year’s Super Bowl will be between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs.  These two teams had competed in the Conference Championship round before earning their way to the Super Bowl.

The Buccaneers faced the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Conference Championship round.  The Packers were favored to be victorious over the Buccaneers but there were many experts who could not bet against the legendary Tom Brady and they were right.  The end result was the Buccaneers winning by five points.  The Buccaneers’ success in this game was mainly due to the Packers collapse on the defensive side and the Buccaneers’ ability to execute offensive plays.  The Buccaneers had too many offensive weapons which became too much for the Packers’ defense to handle.  One player who stood out on the Buccaneers’ offense was wide receiver, Chris Godwin, who racked up 110 receiving yards.  The Buccaneers’ defense can also be credited for the team’s success because they were able to hold back Aaron Rodgers and their supposedly unstoppable offense.  The only player who gave the Packers hope that they had a chance to win the game was star cornerback Jaire Alexander, who caused two of Tom Brady’s three interceptions.  

Now, in the AFC Conference Championship game we had the Buffalo Bills fighting with the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs had a scare back in the divisional round when Patrick Mahomes went into concussion protocol but after a week of recovering, he ended up playing against the Bills.  With Mahomes playing, the Chiefs were favored over the Bills.  The Chiefs did come up with a win over the Bills by 14 points.  The Chiefs domination in this game was due to outstanding offense.  The Bills defense could not hold back the speedy wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, and future hall of fame tight end, Travis Kelce.  Hill put up 172 receiving yards and Kelce racked up big numbers with 13 receptions, 118 receiving yards, and 2 touchdown catches.  The Chief’s defense also contributed 4 sacks in their big win.  The Bills were having problems on both offense and defense leading them to take the loss.  

This year’s Super Bowl matchup was the one that everyone was expecting.  It was only a matter of time until the GOAT, Tom Brady, and the best quarterback in today’s day and age, Patrick Mahomes faced off in the big game.  Tom Brady and the Buccaneers do have one advantage in the Super Bowl which is that the game will be held at their home stadium in Tampa Bay.  Even with this advantage, the Chiefs are the favorite to win the Lombardi Trophy because of their balanced team with a solid defense and what seems to be an unmatched offense.  The Buccaneers also have a great offense, but from what I have seen throughout the playoffs and regular season, the Chiefs are just on another level.  

Defensively, I would say the teams are pretty even.  Both defenses are able to pull off game changing plays.  It appears that neither team has a weakness that stands out.  The key for either team to come up with the victory in this game is solely based on who can make more defensive stops.  The bottom line is that this game will either be super high scoring or totally dominated by the defenses.  

From tracking these two teams in the playoffs and regular season I can honestly say that I am confident that the Chiefs will bring home the win and here’s why.  Tom Brady is a great quarterback, there is no doubt about that, but I think the Buccaneers will be out coached by the Chiefs’ coaching staff.  Throughout the season, Offensive Coordinator, Eric Bienimy, who has already led Mahomes and his offense to a Super Bowl victory the previous year due to his creative play calling are going into this game with a proven track record. Tom Brady, even though he has appeared in 9 Super Bowls about to go to his 10th, is new to the Buccaneers coaching staff and I have seen some games where there were some communication issues on offense. 

This game I think will still be very close.  If I had to predict the outcome, I think the Chiefs will win with a late field goal in the fourth quarter, making the score 38 to 35 and the game MVP will be Travis Kelce.  So we will see who will be the victor on February 7th.  Will Tom Brady earn his seventh ring or will Patrick Mahomes cement his team’s status as the next NFL dynasty?