SPOILER ALERT!! Puzzle Answers from 12/19 Print Issue

Elaine Clarke, Castalia Litos


  1. SPIRIT- The holidays are full of Christmas _____!
  2. SOCKS- A commonly unwelcome gift
  3. WISK- Baking tool used when making festive cookies
  4. NICE- The kids on Santa’s list that get the gifts


  1. SNOW- When rain meets the cold
  2. CITY- The place to be when the ball drops
  3. RINKS- Places for ice skating
  4. RISK- Something that comes with any good sled ride
  5. PIC- What parents wait for at the end the mall santa line (slang) 
  6. TEETH- Hermey the misfit elf’s main ambition in life

Correction notice: Regarding #3 down, the word ‘wisk’ means to take or move something or someone suddenly and quickly. The baking tool is a ‘whisk.’

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