Homecoming 2022

The student section was filled with school spirit! Photo: Hayden Bouza


Seniors showing their spirit at the pep-rally. Photo: Hayden Bouza

Homecoming is a tradition around many schools. This year, Hen Hud added to their homecoming weekend activities with their first homecoming school dance in several years. During the day on Friday, the school attended their annual pep rally held on the turf. The pep rally included many fun activities including pie-ing President Kayla Cohen and tug-of-war.

The following day was the dance. The turnout was large and consisted of representatives from every grade. The dance, filled with laughter and dance circles, was a success. 



Sights from the football game. Photo: Hayden Bouza 

On Friday night, the Sailors football team suffered a 39-14 defeat to Pearl River. This put the Sailors back in their division and moved them to 0-3. They are now looking to their upcoming games to break their losing streak. 

Following homecoming weekend, the Sailors had a close loss to Nanuet, 21-20. Nanuet scored with 1 second left on the clock. The next game is October 7th.

While the game may not have ended the way everyone wanted, homecoming weekend was a win!