Is Science Research Right For You?


Photo Credit: Via Dr. Rogers

From left to right: Peter Manthey, Buhaac Ngyuen, Hailey Kissner, Dr. Rogers, Melody Munitz, and Thea Barbelet at a Science Research competition in 2018.

By Daniela Lastras Castrejon, Writer

Interested in conducting research? Well, you’re in luck! Hendrick Hudson High School has its own Science Research Program where you have the opportunity to develop professional skills, experience real research in a laboratory, present research results, and connect with scientists and universities. This three-year program starts sophomore year, but there are a few instances where you can join freshman or junior year. 

During your sophomore year, you choose a topic that interests you. Then, you create a research proposal based on that topic and contact potential mentors so that you can conduct the research. After finding a mentor and conducting research, you write a paper and create posters/presentations for competitions such as JSHS (Junior Science and Humanities Symposium), STS (Science Talent Search), and WESEF (Westchester Science and Engineering Fair), where you can earn prizes and money for your hard work. The Science Research Program not only allows you to make great connections to scientists at a young age and experience real research, but it also looks great on a resume. 

Still not sure this program is for you? Here is what some alumni have to say about the program… Jazz Munitz graduated from Cornell University and has had two of his papers published. Munitz stated that “signing up for that class sophomore year was truly a turning point in [his] life, and every day [he is] thankful for the incredible education and outlook [he] was able to achieve through this program.” 

Another alumnus, Deepa Mistry, talks about how the program has helped her through the college application process and her career: “It helps you stand out so much from colleges when applying and gives you motivation to pursue a career path.” 

The Science Research Program is run by Dr. Rogers, who received the Teacher of Merit Award from the Society for Science in 2014, 2015, and 2017. As a student who has been in the program for a little over two years, I can assure you that throughout the program you will have Dr. Rogers to help you every step of the way; she sets up meetings (biweeklies) every two weeks where you meet one on one with her to discuss the latest news about your project. In addition to this, there are no tests in the class, so your grades will be a reflection of the effort you put in. You also receive up to 12 credits through SUNY at Albany that can help your GPA when applying to a medical school. If you have any questions about the program, you can contact Dr. Rogers ([email protected]) or myself ([email protected]) for more information. If you are interested in research, I would consider this amazing opportunity!