Snow Way Out!

A feeling might not exist better than that of waking up to see a lovely covering of white on everything. You get to sleep in, you get another day on the assignments you may or may not have done, there’s the possibility of sledding and snowball fights and snowmen followed by hot chocolate warming up cheeks red from the cold… A snow day is a near perfect thing. 

Yet, somehow, tragically, with each impending snow storm we face the daunting question: will school be cancelled or simply remote? With no physical school, we have been robbed of the luxury of knowing a snow day lies ahead, and to say that this is a travesty is an understatement. 

Students have already had to adjust to the grind of online school. It’s a constant rat race, played to the tune of clicking of keyboard keys and monotonous voices echoing from tinny speakers. Every day seems to be the same, distinguished only by the differences in the weather or meals or clothing. 

With snow days removed, there’s no excitement anymore. Students who used to watch the weather app obsessively exist in limbo. The possibility of maybe having an unexpected day off is gone. 

The snow may remain, but the happiness it brought has gone. 

So, on behalf of the Hen Hud student community, we ask administration from the bottom of our hearts to please keep the snow days coming!