Music in an Online Environment

Music is a collection of sounds, a collaborative effort to produce something magical. At Hen Hud, we have an exceptional music department, where students receive instrument-specific lessons and come together to play music through band, orchestra, and chorus. However, between the 6-feet markers and colorful masks, it’s been difficult to follow the old norm, especially with the band being composed of wind instruments. So, we created a new one (though frankly, it’s still in the works).

In the dome, trombone, saxophone, and baritone players safely play music together.  (Mr. Acrish)


In band, we initially began practicing in the bleachers–yes, the bleachers. Because the majority of our instruments are wind-blown, the wind ensemble had to be even more cautious. As the year progressed, the weather declined, and we found ourselves in the athletic dome, where the space and great ventilation provide more safety than our usual basement area.


Things change when we attend school virtually. At home, we’ve found it best to practice in groups. With the new breakout session feature, we’re able to go into individualized video calls with other students that play the same instrument. There, we are able to discuss musical technicalities and skills unique to our instruments–it’s something we rarely did before. We have the opportunity to to work together as a section and agree upon how

we can improve. But on some days, especially half-days, we take a break from the music and bond as a band. From playing “Would You Rather?” to sharing our favorite songs to Mr. Acrish’s daily reminders to smile, the Hen Hud band has found ways to assimilate to the online environment and grow together.

The sun gleams over the bleachers and the music stands.
(Photo from @henhudmusic Instagram)