Hen Hud’s Annual Senior Class Fashion Show Returns with a Bang

On March 10th, senior class students showed off looks inspired by different cinematic eras in this year’s fashion show.

Maddie Figueroa for The Anchor

WESTCHESTER, New York – The Class of 2023’s Fashion Show was held on March 10th at 7 pm in the gym at Hendrick Hudson High School, and showcased a variety of themed outfits and hosted a number of raffle prizes. The annual event, with the help of the PTSA, returned for the second year since COVID’s forced hiatus.

Members of the senior class voted between two themes: Destinations and Time Warp. Time Warp won, giving up the segments seen at the show. The theme was inspired from significant movies of varying genres, which added an artsy touch to the show as clips from each movie were presented between segments. The first group to step out was dressed in ‘school days’ inspired looks from the ‘80s blockbuster, The Breakfast Club. Following this was the futuristic, all boys segment: The Matrix. Back to a co-ed theme, seniors wore ‘70s-esque outfits taken from Saturday Night Fever. Moulin Rouge followed, where senior gals dressed in risque outfits from the 1800s. Almost Famous and Grease, inspired by ‘60s rock and roll and the ‘50s era carnival scene respectively, ended the Time Warp theme. As usual, the Prom segment wrapped up the show, with seniors getting to show off their formalwear prior to senior prom.

An interest meeting for the fashion show was held by the Class of 2023 club, advised by Mr. Lupien, on Thursday, January 26th. Students signed up to model, photograph, DJ, and more. Senior models were also allowed to stylize free outfits, funded by the PTSA, with the help of Hen Hud art teacher, Mrs. Nash. The weeks following the initial interest meeting were filled with a sort of dry spell, until about three weeks before the show. All senior models had to schedule fitting appointments with the Fashion Committee, where they tried on and picked various outfits for their respective segments. 

With the help of the PTSA, students obtained all of their outfits from their own closets, from donations from local stores, and from the wardrobes of the volunteering PTSA members. Diane Weidenbaum headed much of the fashion decisions, being so generous as to host fittings out of her house. All of the members of the PTSA were largely communicative with the senior class, and the entire event wouldn’t have been able to function without their help. Many came to volunteer in several ways, with some selling tickets, organizing the raffles, and others helping students get ready for their segments.

The day prior to the show, all seniors involved in the presentation attended a practice session immediately after school in the cafeteria. The PTSA addressed any problems that arose during the week and directed students through the next night’s events. Long lines were seen throughout the hour-long rehearsal as students piled on to strut down the runway and pose with their friends. The highlight of the meeting was the release of partners for the Prom segment. The talk of the day was who was walking with whom and the chaos of switching partners and poses ensued. 

The night of the show, seniors arrived at the school at 4:15 to prepare for the show. The halls by the gym were filled with models practicing poses and walks, picking partners, and talking about their outfits. Once everyone went out to practice their walks on the night’s stage, everyone was sent to the cafeteria for a pizza dinner in the cafeteria, courtesy of the PTSA. 

Models then started the exhilarating process of getting ready. The nearly two hour period resembled every teen makeover movie montage: clothes strewn everywhere, makeup transformations, music blaring, and last minute outfit alterations. High end jewelry was given out to models while other accessories were laid out in the science wing hallway for models to wear. 

Excitement loomed in every corner, but once it was time to go on, everything seemed to calm down. Students lined up for the first segment, The Breakfast Club, in ‘80s inspired school outfits. First out in the show were Michael Gagliardi and Alec Tangredi, who started off the show with a successful bottle-flip trick that was practiced for a solid half hour prior to their debut. The rest of the models followed, showing off quirky dance moves, confident struts, and several creative handshakes. Fake photos were taken by the models of their companions, and a number of seniors were carried all the way down the runway. 

The Class of 2023 set a creative precedent for the recently returned Senior Fashion show, with on point looks, and an unmatched energy that anyone in the audience could notice. Good luck Class of ‘24.