Fit of the Week: 01/09-01/17

WESTCHESTER, New York – This past week our photographers were on the lookout for outstanding outfits at Hendrick Hudson. This week’s winner was Mohamed Mbareck. Runners-up were Chris Gnos and Sammy Bruce. 


Mohamed stood out this week with his bright blue dress pants. The pants were contrasted with a deep brown belt. Blue elements continued down to his sneakers and details on his button down. The fit was toned down by a short sleeve neutral-colored button down. The top was decorated with a natural print in blue, brown, forest green, and pale purple. Put together, the fit gives an air of professionalism while still maintaining a stylish flair.







Sammy in neutral streetwear.
Chris in trendy cargo pants and sunnies.




Chris sported a black graphic crewneck atop cream colored cargo pants. Chris wore a pair of teal and white Nike dupes with a star for a swoosh. An awesome touch was added by Y2K-inspired visor-esque sunglasses with a continued silver star detailing.  Sammy showed off a neutral fit with a tan hoodie with gothic lettering. On the bottom, he wore dark brown cargo sweats and traditionally tied Air Force 1s.







Hen Hud had some amazing wardrobes this week, and Mohamed’s outfit pulled ahead in this week’s Fit of the Week competition. Keep serving great fits!