Club Spotlight: The Hen Hud Literary Clubs


Members of Reading and LitMag Clubs at FGL. (Courtesy of Mrs. Maye)

WESTCHESTER, New York – The Hen Hud Reading Club, known to some as the “Any Book Club,” was created by seniors Lexi Schaffer and Kaitlyn Krupa. The club meets every Friday after school.. The Reading Club faculty advisor, Mrs. Maye, also advises the Hen Hud Literary Magazine (LitMag) Club.

The LitMag organizes The North Star, an annual magazine published by Hen Hud students for Hen Hud students. It is a collection of student’s written and artistic works from painting to poetry. Both clubs aim to ignite creative literary interest. 

In partnership, the clubs are developing a mini free library on the high school’s grounds for this spring to serve as a trading post for readers to take or leave a book. Lexi Schaffer says that club members hope that it “will help high schoolers re-discover their love of reading.”


Reading Club Co-President Kaitlyn Krupa reads to FGL students (Courtesy of Dr. Kramer)

Additionally, club members volunteer to read to younger children at the district elementary schools; they have visited Frank G. Lindsey elementary school and will visit Buchanan-Verplanck elementary school in January.

Both clubs hope to foster a love of literature in the students they read to, and they have done exactly that. According to Schaffer, “The [FGL] kids were very happy and got into all of the books; they asked a lot of questions.” Reading Club co-president Kaitlyn Krupa agreed, saying that “they were very engaged.” At the end of the day, the clubs “want to impart a love of reading, and a sense of community around reading” to younger generations. Schaffer adds that they, of course, hope that everyone may have “a bit of fun” along the way.