Thank You Anchor Readers

To our Anchor readers and staff,

Thank you for an amazing four years here at the Hen Hud Anchor. From writing our very first featured articles, to bringing the Anchor online and becoming Editors in Chief, it has been a wonderful ride. We were so fortunate to have great mentors to look up to in our early years with the newspaper, and truly hope we have provided the same leadership for the underclassmen this year. We are both so thankful for our experiences working on the Anchor and will miss being part of this amazing group next year.

A huge thank you to our advisor, Ms. Puttre, for supporting us no matter how wild our ideas, and dedicating endless hours to making them happen.

We are also thrilled to announce next year’s Editor in Chiefs, Sarah Mason and Erin Pfrang!! We know the Anchor will be in great hands in the years to come, and wish the paper and its staff all the best!


Your 2021 Co-editors in Chief, Indrani Malhotra and Isolde McManus