Hendrick Hudson Valedictorian and Salutatorian Announced

Madison Kivel and Indrani Malhotra Reflect On Their Time At Hen Hud


Hen Hud Valedictorian, Madison Kivel (left), and Salutatorian, Indrani Malhotra (right).

Parker Piccolo Hill, Writer, Editor

Recently, the valedictorian and salutatorian of the Class of 2021 were announced as Madison Kivel and Indrani Malhotra respectively. The Anchor managed to catch these two busy ladies and ask them a few questions about their time at Hen Hud. 

What was your favorite class at Hendrick Hudson?

MK: My favorite class at Hen Hud was Biomed. This class gave me the opportunity to dissect hearts, eyes, and bones — something I never thought I would have the ability to do in high school. I liked all of my teachers throughout high school but my favorite teacher was Dr. Hall. I really enjoyed every year I spent in Biomed with her, as each day we did something new and exciting, and I really appreciated her willingness to help us with all of our assignments, or any other questions we had. 

IM: In general, I always love classes in the social studies field, as I find the material super interesting. I would say some of my favorite classes I have taken at Hen Hud would be AP Psychology and AP US History because they are both super engaging, especially since I was very interested in what we learned. I am greatly looking forward to taking more social science based classes in college!

What is your favorite memory from Hen Hud?

MK: My favorite memories from Hen Hud include those made with friends during sports games, pep rallies, and spirit weeks. I loved seeing the school come together to support our sports teams, and I also really enjoyed dressing up with friends. I also had a lot of fun decorating the hallways for spirit week, and being a part of the ski team, where I actually learned how to ski for the first time.

IM: One of my favorite parts about the Hen Hud school year was always the week before holiday break because the whole school seemed to be in a festive mood. There was always a feeling of excitement that we only had a few more days of school and everyone would be dressed up for spirit week. I always found it to be a time when everyone, both students and teachers, were super happy and ready to take two weeks off before coming back in the new year!

What do you hope to achieve in college? 

MK: I am very excited to attend Cornell University where I plan to major in animal science. In college, I hope to have the chance to study abroad, and later hope to be accepted into veterinary school where I can continue studying veterinary medicine to one day become a veterinarian.

IM: At Boston University next year, I am really excited to take classes in new subject areas, meet people from all over the world, and be exposed to all sorts of new perspectives. I hope that with this, I will be able to expand my boundaries and learn more about the world around me, not only in the classroom, but from the entire experience. 

Congratulations to Maddy and Indrani, Hendrick Hudson knows you both will go on to do great things!